Mini Pro Ultimate Basketball Hoop Set LTP

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Enjoy a 30%+ discount for all clearance mini basketball hoops and individual rims! All items in our clearance section are still functional and have been personally inspected by me (Justin Tymes). I would put these up in my personal home. The hoops will have aesthetic issues such as a scratched backboard, paint, etc. The hoops are still under warranty for their welds. All sales are final for items marked as LTP/Clearance. 

The ultimate mini basketball experience awaits you. The 12" rim not only gives you a large goal to shoot on, but it is built with 1/2" steel to withstand all your hard slams! Once securely mounted into the studs of your wall, this hoop will provide realistic play for your current or future star. The polycarbonate backboard is backed by additional steel framing to help in playback with the larger basketballs. The backboard guards over the aluminum frame provide a realistic look as well as safety if you're going up for a 360° dunk!



  • 32" x 21" backboard made with 1/4" thick polycarbonate   
    • The sturdy backboard provides accurate playback on bank shots
  • Steel and aluminum frame with padding
    • The frame supports the backboard while the padding keeps you safe on dunks
  • 12" diameter rim made of 1/2" steel with two die springs
    • The rim will flex on your dunks, but not on jumpers that hit the front iron
  • Steel wall mount brackets for 16" studs
    • Hang your hoop securely into the studs of your wall for realistic play

What's Included

  • Backboard and backboard pads
  • Rim and net
  • Mounting brackets
  • 7" mini basketball (Ships deflated)
  • Assembly hardware (Tools required)
Additional Info

Additional Info

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