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Mini Pro Wall Pad

Professional grade wall pads measuring 46" tall by 24" wide. Our wall pads are made with nylon reinforced vinyl over 1" thick high-density foam and 7/16" OSB. Mounting screws and wall anchors are included for mounting into drywall. Buy more than one...

Competition Mount

A two stud mount for your Mini Pro 2.0 or (Pre-May 2014 Mini Pro Xtreme Hoop Set)The new two stud mounting system for the Mini Pro 2.0 or Mini Pro Xtreme Hoop Set. This two stud mount ideal for those who play extra hard on their current set.  The...

12" Mini Pro Break-Away Rim

This is the rim found on our Mini Pro Xtreme Hoop Set. Whether you're looking to upgrade from your old static rim or creating your own custom hoop, this rim will impress. The ring is made of 1/2" solid steel powder-coated in orange. The single spring...

Mini Pro Backboard - 24" x 16"

This backboard is found on our Mini Pro 2.0, Dura Goal and Mini Pro Xtreme Hoop. It measures 24 x 16 inches and is 1/4 inch thick. This is intended to be a replacement board for those who want to convert from an acrylic backboard (pre-2011).   

Mini Pro Backboard - 18" x 12"

Replacement backboard for the original Mini Pro Hoop. This polycarbonate backboard is 18"w x 12"h x 1/4" thick. The backboard has a white border and white shooting square. This backboard will fit the Mini Pro 1.0 and the Mini Pro I Door Mount Hoop sets...

Backboard Padding

Choose your rubber backboard guards for any of our wall mounted sets. These pads are pre-cut and have an adhesive back for easy installation. All pads are 1/4" thick. We offer the following sizes:  - Mini Pro 1.0 Pads: (2) 1" x 12 " - Mini...