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We know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide between all of the hoop sets we sell. However, based on three key variables you can usually come to a decision within a very short amount of time. 


The old adage of, "Measure twice, cut once" applies here. Please make sure to measure the playing area you have, including ceiling height before your purchase. The larger the play area the larger size hoop you can use. If the ceiling height is lower than 8 feet we typically don't recommend going larger than the Mini Pro Dura Goal unless you plan to mount the hoop very low as you need at least 18 inches of distance between the rim and the ceiling. 

Type of Play

The type of play and size of players are a major key in your hoop-buying decision. Are you looking most at shooting or is dunking important? How big are the kids (or adults reliving their glory days!) who will be playing on the hoop most often?


Last, but not least, budget is obviously important. If everyone had the space and budget for it, we would recommend the Mini Pro Ultimate 9 times out of 10 simply because we have seen how aggressive kids will play on the hoops, and kids certainly don't get smaller. That being said, you will find all of our hoops to be incredibly durable, meaning there is a fit for every budget when shopping at JustInTymeSports. 

If you are still unsure what model is best for you, please email us through out contact page or call 888-564-1082 between 8:30am-4pm EST.