The title of this article is our answer to the question "Why JustInTymeSports?". There are several mini basketball hoops on the market - aren't they all essentially the same? The short answer is no.

The long answer depends on you - the player or the parent. Some are happy just throwing dirty laundry into a basketball hamper. A few are content with cardboard and plastic hoops or imported knock-offs. Some like a hoop to look a certain way. But our experience tells us that most kids (and adults) want more.

If you could get inside the mind of your kid(s) while they are playing you would realize they're not just playing a kids game on a toy hoop. In their mind, they are shooting a buzzer-beater to win the game - KIDS DREAM BIG. Their ability to dream and believe that they can one day have a moment like that is what drives them.

We started this business because Justin broke one of those "cheap" basketball hoops. Kids may be smaller but they want to play like the big boys/girls that they watch - KIDS PLAY HARD. Can you imagine if your iPhone or video game console broke every time you used it?

Mathew S. had this to say about his son in his review "He’s been playing in the garage everyday since we’ve put it up. Has definitely got him away from Fortnight.".

Vincent C. said "By far most realistic, best quality mini hoop on the market. Love this brand. Got my first mini hoop from them in 2012 and havent bought from anyone else. Also its made in USA so we love this brand !!".

Stephen G. said "...the hoop is built and engineered to last. The steel frame and mount are heavy duty and the rim is heavy and solid as well."

So that is the long answer to "Why JustInTymeSports?" and this is how we do it:

  • Welded steel frames on all wall-mount models
  • Heavy-duty welded steel wall brackets (single-stud and two-stud mounts)
  • Realistic break-away rims
  • Shatter-proof poly-carbonate backboards with realistic graphics
  • Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA.