Product Comparison: Mini Pro Xtreme & Mini Pro Ultimate

One of the more common questions we get is, "What is the difference between the Xtreme and the Ultimate?" 

To answer that question I'll go in-depth on how the hoops have some similarities while also showing the differences between the models. The hoops work within the same fundamental design, and do share a few parts. However, they are not compatible, so you would not be able to swap rims, brackets, etc. The best way to think of the Ultimate is as a version of the Xtreme that worked out...a LOT. 

  • Backboard 
    • While the thickness of the polycarbonate remains the same at 1/4" thick, the size of the board on the Ultimate checks in a 32 x 21 instead of the 24 x 16 sized board of the Xtreme. This means the Ultimate backboard is 1.75 times larger than the Xtreme.
  • Rim
    • The rim diameter for both sets sits at 12" and is made of 1/2" thick steel. The difference in the rims, though, lies in the spring(s). Due to the fact the Ultimate uses two springs it is significantly stronger. The use of two springs also make the rim angle/spring box much larger than the Xtreme. 
  • Mounting Brackets
    • Our Mini Pro Xtreme and Mini Pro Ultimate both use an H-frame mount and extension bracket for securing the hoop to the wall. However, the Ultimate uses 3 x 2 steel with 11 gauge thickness and the Xtreme uses 2 x 2 steel with 16 gauge thickness.