Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Operations Until 4/13

As many of you are in the same position, we here in Michigan are under an Executive Order in Michigan to Stay Home, Stay Safe until April 13. Below are some of the most common questions we've received since the order went into effect March 24. 

Are you able to ship? 

Not until at least April 13. 

Can I still order? 

Yes, you may place an order online. Orders will be shipped out in the order they are received once we are fully operational again. 

Can I cancel an order if the Executive Order in Michigan gets extended? 

Yes, of course. We are monitoring the situation daily and will inform you if anything changes before 4/13. 

I see some items have updates in the description stating they may not be available until later than 4/13. Why? 

While many of our vendors here in West Michigan are either essential businesses, or supply essential businesses, they are still open. Our powder coating vendor does not qualify in this regard so we have a fairly large amount of parts awaiting finishing we cannot access. 

Are there any third-party sellers of your hoops?

No, there are not any other sellers of our hoop sets. Please do not be fooled by any company offering our items. We only sell through our site and Amazon (When fully operational). 

What's it like not being able to fully run your business? 

In a snap shot it's like this... 

Frustrated Jim Carrey GIF - Frustrated JimCarrey PullingHair GIFs