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Mini Pro Xtreme Net

Product Review (submitted on September 23, 2012):

It is funny how commonly sold the mini basketball net/ pop-a-shot etc... are sold, but purchasing the replacement nets are dang near impossible. So I was happy to eventually find and the replacement nets for my basement dual Huffy mini basketball setup. However after easily finding regular sized basketball nets everywhere under the sun I must say that you'd expect the mini-nets to be less expensive since it is less material but alas the minis cost more [...]. The the shipping expenses and packaging were excessive considering the size of what was purchased. (Original 12/27/10)

JustInTymeSports says: Thank you for your feedback. I understand your concerns and would like to explain as best I can. Our nets are custom made and the quantities are much lower than the full size nets - these two factors make them cost a little more. Also, we do not mark up shipping and packaging charges - you pay the same amount that we pay. I hope this information is helpful.