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Mini Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop Set

Product Review (submitted on January 18, 2014):

Wicked Awesome hoop! I have finally found a quality indoor hoop that is well worth the money. This wall mounted set up can not be beat. It looks great, works great, well constructed and is easy to install. Well worth the money. I am a frugal spender, some even call me cheap, so when I first saw the price I was a little apprehensive but when I received the hoop I could not have been more impressed. You can not ask for a better hoop. It is a USA made product that is great quality. Well worth the money! Our family loves this product and have hours of enjoyment shooting hoops and playing a little family friendly 2 on 2.

A tip to anyone buying this...Buy extra basketballs!
Buy basketballs for however many kids are going to be playing on it . My 3 kids love it so much that they spend a lot of time arguing over the one basketball. So if you have 3 kids I suggest you order 3 basketballs. (Maybe 4 so mom or dad has their own and they aren't fighting with the kids for their own basketball.) Also if you have younger aged kids or are installing this in a toy room near windows I would suggest the foam balls. The foam balls are great quality as well and they make less noise in the house.

* Also ladies if you are entertaining getting this for your sport enthusiasts husband. Do it. They will Love it! It's not just a kids toy. If you get this for them they will probably do the dishes and maybe even the laundry. (No guarantee on that part)