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Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set

Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2012):

We have this net set up in a 1 1/2 storey room in the front of our house. It makes for incredible 2 on 2 games for both kids and adults. The size, construction and quality of the net and backboard is great.
What really draws this product down is the method of attaching it to the wall. The upper attachment point has a single bolt hole, and it connects the wall to the top of the backboard with two pieces of non-secure thin metal. On the bottom there is a strong base, but it attaches to the wall with two bolts only onto the center line, behind the basket.
In use, the backboard gradually then increasingly rocks back and forth on the center pivot point and loosens all the attachment bolts. What is needed is to secure the backboard to the wall on the sides, as well, so it can't move when touched by the ball or by hands during play. And fixing the problem with the way the unit is constructed isn't easy. This is a major drawback in my opinion. We have had the net a week and already had to reattach it to the wall twice, each time with longer and longer bolts than those supplied.
We got the rubber ball with it and it has fallen apart after only 1 week of play. So count on getting some more better balls if you do any serious play.
With a redesign that adds additional attachment points to secure this unit, you have a fantastic product. Even with having to reattach it and now redesign it a little so it stays on the wall, we have had tons of fun with it.
In terms of further enhancements you might offer a larger backboard option. (Original 3/2/11)