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Mini Pro Xtreme Basketball Hoop Set

Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2012):

First off I want to say WOW.
This is a great quality hoop! I am really happy I bought the XTREME version as I like the bigger hoop. I've owned many indoor mini-hoops, but they all broke eventually. As of now, this one is holding up great.
The only 2 things you should watch out for are the WEIGHT and the ball. Also, would be nice if backboard was just a little bigger.

The WEIGHT: this hoop weighs A LOT when assembled. When I first set it to my wall it almost pretty much tore my wall apart! So what I did was I attached a wood frame to the wall and then attached the hoop to the wood. This really help distribute the weight a lot. Now hoop is a lot of fun.

The Ball: I got the 7" rubber ball. beware its sound a lot like a real (just smaller) official basketball when bounced on the floor. So what I did was I put an old foam mattress pad under my carpet so now when the ball bounces the people downstairs won't hear a thing (I live in an apartment).

Anyway the main downside to the ball (I don't know if this is just my ball or if this happens to all rubber Justin Tyme Balls) is that it is already starting to come apart! the rubber is tearing and I am really dissapointed. Again, this might just be my ball, as I have not heard any other complaints like this.

Overall: HOOP=GREAT QUALITY/BUILD/SIZE , just wish ball would hold up better.
I gave it 4 stars because even though the HOOP really is a quality product, it is expensive, i wish the backboard were a little bigger, it caused my walls and I some problems and the ball is getting annoying. But anyway, I would recommend the HOOP ITSELF to everyone as it is the best in the market.
(Original 2/27/11)

JustInTymeSports says: Thanks so much for a detailed review! We are sorry about the issues with the ball. In regards to mounting the hoop, it sounds like you may not have had a stud to tap into. Either way, sometimes additional support is just what you need if you're going to play extra hard!