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Mini Pro Elite Door Mount Basketball Hoop Set

Product Review (submitted on September 22, 2012):

I purchased one of these top-of-the-line hoops for my 4-year-old son, to replace a cheap plastic Huffy version that broke in short order from simply banging slightly against the closet door when opening the bedroom door it was mounted on. I'm 42 now, and I have fond memories of my Nerf hoop when I was a kid. But this is WAY better! A 10.25" steel rim mounted on a 1/4" thick polycarbonate backboard?! Wow. Check out the video of a 180lb dude doing pull ups on this rim, if you're wondering how sturdy it is. And it's nice that they offer the option of a 5" foam ball instead of the 5 3/8" inflatable ball. Now my son is still a long way from dunking age, and I'm glad I went for the larger 24" x 16" backboard for him, as the (1.25" larger) rim thus sits 4" lower to the ground (5'7 3/8" on my door) than with the 18" x 12" versions --thus increasing his chances of actually making the occasional shot. I also have low ceilings, unfortunately. For older kids (and/or higher ceilings), the smaller version might actually be advantageous in that sense (of getting the rim 4" higher). I'm also very impressed with the door mounting system. The Huffy was scratching the door and frame a bit, and making it slightly difficult to close (quietly). But the JustinTymeSports door mount manages to not only fit my son's bedroom door great but it's even wide enough to (barely) accomodate our front outside door with a very tight fit. Everything about this hoop screams sturdy and well engineered and built. Highly recommended for kids of all ages, as I am enjoying it almost as much as my son. (Original 11/21/11)