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About Us

About JustInTymeSports

JustInTymeSports has been manufacturing high quality mini basketball hoops since 1996. The inspiration for this business came from our oldest son, Justin, when he was just 9 years old. He loves sports and he went through a bunch of the cheap plastic hoops that were available at the time. After another one of his backboards broke, he noticed a piece of plexi-glass that I had in the basement. He asked if I would mount his plastic rim to the plexi-glass. He had a group of friends spend the night and they played on that hoop for hours. His friends liked it so much that we began talking about making more...that is how JustinTymeSports was born.

When we set out to design our own hoop we had three criteria:

  • It had to last. Quality was very important. Our rims are made of steel - not plastic.
    Our backboard is polycarbonate - not pressed board (or cardboard).
    Our innovative JustFlex2TM rim mount provides a reliable break-away rim feature that is not found on any other mini basketball hoop.
  • It had to look cool. The clear polycarbonate, silkscreen border, full color logos, and high-gloss paint look very sharp. Although kids love the hoops in their bedroom or play room, we have sold many hoops to college students for their dorm rooms and to adults to display in their office or rec room.
  • It had to be affordable. We didn't want to spend a ton of money for a hoop, so we know you don't either. Our Mini Pro I hoop sets start at just $44.99 - about the same as you would pay for one of those plastic hoops.

In 2004 we launched our website and have used a direct-sales approach to ship thousands of our hoops to all 50 states and many different countries. We have also worked with Gus Macker and the Grand Rapids Hoops to provide custom mini basketball hoops for their organizations.

In 2005 we introduced a new model - the Mini-Pro 2.0 Our Mini-Pro 2.0 Basketball Hoop is a very rugged mini hoop designed with many features found only on full-size basketball hoops. Our innovative JustFlexTM rim mount provides a reliable break-away rim feature that is not found on any other mini basketball hoop - there are no pinch-points for small hands. Our SingleStudTM mounting system allows you to mount the Mini-Pro 2.0 on a single stud of a wall where other sets have non-uniform spacing that makes it difficult to mount the hoop without damaging the wall.

In 2006 we introduced another new model - the Mini-Pro I HD. This hoop adds a steel frame behind the backboard of the Mini-Pro I and a sleek stainless steel frame around the front of the backboard. The Mini-Pro I HD also includes our JustFlexTM rim mount feature and our SingleStudTM mounting system.

In 2007 we introduced our newest model - the Mini Pro Xtreme. The Xtreme series takes it up a notch with a full 12" rim made of 1/2" steel. If you like using a larger size ball, this hoop is a great choice.

JustinTymeSports, LLC is recognized for innovative designs and quality products and is fast becoming the number one Internet destination for mini basketball enthusiasts. .