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Holiday Questions

All states in yellow, gold & green can still receive items by 12/24 if ordering on 12/18! 

How long does it take for my order to ship/arrive? Will I get my order by Christmas?

Currently orders are shipping within 1-2 business day. Most orders arrive in 2-3 business days. We ship from Michigan and you can see from the map we can reach most of the country quite quickly. Right now we are guaranteeing delivery by Christmas for all orders placed by December 16. This could change so get your order in as soon as possible! Also, if you live in a state shaded yellow, gold, or green, you may be able to still get your hoop before Christmas if ordering on December 17-19. 

UPS Shipping Map

Are you running any specials?

Yes! All orders with a subtotal of $125.00 or greater will be eligible for FREE UPS Ground shipping! *US only. Excludes Alaska/Hawaii.  

I've seen various promotion codes and various coupon websites. Do those work? 

While those sites are great references for many online shoppers, for us, at least, they are outdated and/or highly inaccurate. 

What type of packaging does the hoop arrive in? Will the box have your name or pictures of the hoop? 

The hoops will arrive in plain brown boxes. The only indication of where the hoop came from will be the address label. 

I'm not seeing certain options available on your website? When will those be back in stock?

We are phasing out certain products (Mini Pro 2 Door Mount, pink rims, vinyl balls, etc.) as we have plans for creating new hoops and mounts for the upcoming year. The feedback from you guys has been great, and in addition to our testing, I'm really excited about what will be available in the coming year(s)!